New Microgaming Slots of 2016

Slot lovers, brace yourselves for impact as you're bound to get extremely excited with the newest slots in the market that'll give you more titles to play with. With Microgaming being known for its continuous innovation and development, you're in for an exhilarating, new experience each year through the vast quantities of revolutionary titles they offer. If you think that what they offer now are diverse already, the brand will surely prove to you that there are still more improvements to come even in the distant future.

Not every one of us will surely always have the capital to indulge on real-money slot games today. Though that adds up to the exhilaration, this is certainly something that you need not consider to be a hindrance as there are plenty of free slots out there, just waiting for you to bump into them and enjoy them.

Free slots, just like how it sounds, are slot games that'll give you the chance to play it even without real money. This kind of entertainment will surely keep your spirits high even if you've already busted out your dedicated bank roll for the game or if you had no bank roll from the start and you're just trying them out. There are many sites today - especially Microgaming sites - that offers this kind of entertainment and you'll surely be more than happy once you've given them a try.

The diversity of the games offered by Microgaming isn't only distinct when it comes to their themes - their gameplay, promotions, odds of winning and bonuses all differ from each other, which will surely make you want to try them all. Their slots are also known for their superior jackpots and state of the art software that will make your gaming experience worthier and easier. This year, there's a slew of new slots in this brand that will surely shake the industry and there's no doubt that you'd want to take them on for a spin.

New Microgaming Slots to look out for

#1 Untamed Giant Panda

The popularity of Microgaming's Untamed series is certainly astounding and this year, a new addition has made its way to the market to give you more things to look out for when in Microgaming sites - the Untamed Giant Panda. With over 243 different ways to grab a triumphant result, this five-reel online machine will surely keep you hooked for a long time. Not only does it live up to the brand's reputation when it comes to reliability, intuitiveness and sleek system - it also has over three features that are unique to it: the 'Your Gamble', 'Lucky Nudge', and the 'Collect a Wild'. With these features, you'll surely be able to have fun in a distinctive way that you simply can't get from any other games.

#2 Bikini Party

If you're looking for something that'll give off a more mature vibe, then join the Bikini Party slot and revel on its system that provides 243 ways to the path of winning. This five-reel game, just like any Microgaming slot, provides smooth gameplay and astounding software side, allowing yo to revel on a gaming experience that'll immerse you for hours. Its graphical aspect surely will keep you excited to play more as five beauties who are clad in bikini will surely get you hooked to it. The game features a unique re-spin feature with two new bonus features to look out for which will surely improve your gaming experience by a wide leap.

#3 Dragon Dance

Play with a festive vibe packed with dancing dragons and other symbols that marks the Chinese New Year. This slot is one of the newest Microgaming Slot today that joins the holiday-themed slots of the brand. Like any other supreme slot from the brand, this one also presents 243 ways to grab the throne with its five-reel gameplay that'll give you lots of new features to anticipate. Not only does the game feature a chance to get a re-spin, it also has combinations that'll give you free spins to boot. The game is also highly raved for its generous jackpot prize that provides 480 times your bet if you luckily get the free spins, while a normal rate of 160 times in each spin you make with your own pool of money.